Posted on: May 8, 2008 12:04 pm

Blowing Saves

Who would have thought that this year would be the year for blowing saves.  I cannot remember a season quite like this one.  From J.J. Putz in Seattle, to Corpas in Colorado, to Papelbon in Boston, there have been quite a number of blown saves.  Where have the real closer gone.  It use to be an art form and now it is more a liability for most teams.  Hopefully as the season wears on someone will step up and show that art form of closing a game out when needed.  I have noted that closers tend to not get much work in when there is no save on the line.  Many closers go 3-4 days without working a game which I think is the problem.  They should at least get in a game every other day to keep sharp.  Good luck closers.
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Posted on: April 9, 2008 2:02 pm


Whatever happened to relief pitchers who could actually pitch??  The bullpens of today seem to be of such low talent that if I were a starter I would beg my manager to keep me in the game if we were winning.  Jake Peavy comes to mind as a starter who would rather stay in and have a chance to win a game instead of risking turning it over to a pen that keeps blowing save chances.  I feel bad for the starters to go 7-8 innings and have a small lead only to have the next pitcher come in and offer up the gopher ball.  Maybe the teams need to re-evaluate the talent and stop paying so much money for guys who don't care and start paying the cash for the true talents out there.
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